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Safebooks enables enterprises to sign off on 100% of their financial data. Proprietary ML algorithms surface fraud, compliance, and financial risks.
Leverage the power of noiseless automation.
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The Benefits of Safebooks

Comprehensive Controls

Automatically apply your monthly, quarterly and annual checks to 100% of your financial data instead of partial sampling or analytics.

Prevent Fraud

Monitor sensitive ERP configuration changes so they’re caught before any harm is caused.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Everything is automated. From running pre-configured controls to  defining new controls and documenting results.

Retain Knowledge

Safebooks saves all of your controls, attestations, and history so all your checks are always documented in real time.

Real Time Insights

Safebooks’ ML algorithms learn your company's historical financial data and utilizes it to automatically surface anomalies.

Get Started In Minutes

Our native ERP integration enables you to start monitoring 100% of your financial data securely and in just a few minutes.

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